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PetsVR Update 05.05.2021

Let’s start with a highlight system on pickable objects, this feature will make grabbing even easier and more intuitive. Forget about picking a wrong thing when your pet will make a mess in the room and you try to grab something in chaos.



Second thing is a board that lets you express your artistic soul. In between taking care of and playing with your furry pupil you can use it to make notes, draw or simply anything you want!

Last one and the biggest change is the menu – doors to your virtual daycare. You can save 3 separate worlds and you pick one by using a key. On the right side of the door you can read a sign that will introduce you to game controls. So the only thing left to do is turn the key in the lock and spend some time with your pet.

That’s all for this update, share your feedback on discord and stay tuned for next updates. Cheers!