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PetsVR 1.0 release!

*woof* *woof* Today we are releasing a 1.0 version of PetsVR. First of all we want to say thank you to everyone who played a demo version and left feedback to make the experience better. Of course a new version comes with a lot of new features to discover to make your time with a pet even more fun!

Let’s start with a tutorial. At the beginning of your journey you will notice instructions near your controller to guide you how to navigate and interact with the scene, take care of a pet and what you can do in a pet daycare. Along with instructions, you will learn which button you have to use and what action you need to perform to fulfill your pet needs. Don’t forget, after every task you will receive points that you can later exchange for pets snacks or outfits!

We also added new 3D icons that appear above pet’s head to make noticing and reacting to their needs easier for you, they are also really cute 😀

Next feature are hand poses, every object that you can grab comes with a special holding gesture. It’s making the experience much more immersive (big no to fingers inside objects)

We also worked a lot on improving AI and adjusting daycare appearance so search for design changes we made! All options inaccessible in the demo are available now so you can now experience everything that PetsVR has to offer in the very first full version of the game. What’s worth mentioning is that we don’t stop working on the game and we are planning more content updates (yes, cat lovers, we’re talking to you) so follow us on social media not to miss any news about future updates. Cheers!