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“Music around the globe” – Tormenta de pelo

Music Tuesdays is a new weekly series in which we want to introduce you to our new set of tunes available to listen to on a jukebox – a part of the latest PetsVR update. In each episode of the series, you will be able to listen to a short version of the song, get a peek of the album cover and learn what is the story behind the album getting into jukebox!

“After spending some time on the busy streets of New York, I decided to change my surroundings to something more peaceful. I put a map on top of a table in my hotel room and with closed eyes I pointed my finger on a random spot… The place that won my blind pick was… Spain! So Europe it was – I had never been there before, why shouldn’t I visit it then? I flew to Madrid, rented a car and drove to a peaceful village to listen to some local latino! My schedule was simple: eat some breakfast, enjoy nature and the sun, eat dinner and after that join local people in the evening. It was the purpose of this trip after all, to listen to the music. At the end of the day everyone was dancing around, kids to elders alike. Of course I couldn’t just sit there and watch in peace, because all the nice, old ladies wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to dance with a tourist, haha. Many would say that the time I spent in the village was monotonous and boring, as I kept repeating the same activities everyday, but I loved the peaceful atmosphere and I have no regrets spending my time immersing in it. When I announced to the local community that I would be leaving the next day, one of those old, very nice ladies I spoke of, left me with a record of her favourite childhood latino song. At first I didn’t want to accept her treasure but she pushed it back into my hands with a smile and said that she loved this song so much that she had two more copies. With no choice left, I accepted the gift and continued on to the next destination of my music related trip. You can already access the vinyl in the jukebox. I couldn’t keep this gem of latino music for myself – it has to be discovered by more people! ~A”

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