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“Music around the globe” – Quint & Quinton

Music Tuesdays is a new weekly series in which we want to introduce you to our new set of tunes available to listen to on a jukebox – a part of the upcoming PetsVR update. In each episode of the series, you will be able to listen to a short version of the song, get a peek of the album cover and learn what is the story behind the album getting into jukebox!

“Quint & Quinton” are legends of every saloon in the Wild West. I couldn’t believe my luck, when I noticed a poster that they were going to perform a concert in a town I was visiting during my trip around Texas. I rushed into the saloon, bought a ticket and somehow got a seat in the first row!
Crowd went wild when they entered the stage but as soon as Quinton hit the floor with the heel of his cowboy boot, there was nothing but silence in the crowd. I was amazed by their performance, how much passion and love for the music they were expressing while playing their instruments. It was an absolutely fantastic experience! But my luck has not run out just yet and there was one more surprise in the store for me. After the concert Quint announced that a ticket with a number seven on it was winning a special, limited edition music disc! Guess who was the owner of said ticket! Of course it was me! And that’s how I got the “Quint & Quinton” record. Be sure to treasure the record and play it often in the jukebox. Winning ticket I kept from the concert is enough of a reminder of this amazing night for me.

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