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“Music around the globe” – Howly Carter

Music Tuesdays is a new weekly series in which we want to introduce you to our new set of tunes available to listen to on a jukebox – a part of the latest PetsVR update. In each episode of the series, you will be able to listen to a short version of the song, get a peek of the album cover and learn what is the story behind the album getting into jukebox!

“New York – one of the largest cities in the world. Capital of music, culture, home of the Statue of Liberty. After my trip through the Wild West it was nice to be around people again. First on my list of places to visit was a small bar where my dad used to take me when I was younger, a place where many popular singers started their music careers. I was disappointed when the bartender told me that today there wouldn’t be any live performances. So I got a drink and started walking around, looking for one specific photo from many hanging on the wall. In the photograph I was searching for there was a younger me with my dad and my friend Maria. When I finally found it, someone else also found me… It was already 40 years, but I immediately knew who said “Hi” behind my back. It was my old time friend Maria, today known to most as an artist “Howly Carter”! I still couldn’t believe that that small girl I once knew became such a star! She told me a story about the night we met, how it impacted her when she saw me so deeply in love with music (one could even call me obsessed with it at that point of time). It impressed her so much that she began singing herself and while she could still not believe it herself, she became an R&B star. I’m not going to lie, I’m really proud to be a motivation for starting a career for such a big star! We spent the rest of the evening catching up, talking about her career, my job in a pet daycare and other stuff that happened in those long 40 years. She didn’t change at all – she wanted to give me something to remember her by, so she gave me a vinyl record with a song from her upcoming album! I’m sending it to you to expand our daycare music collection, hoping that we will listen to it together one day! ~A”

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