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“Music around the globe” – DJ ZIGGY

Music Tuesdays is a new weekly series in which we want to introduce you to our new set of tunes available to listen to on a jukebox – a part of the latest PetsVR update. In each episode of the series, you will be able to listen to a short version of the song, get a peek of the album cover and learn what is the story behind the album getting into jukebox!

“With tears rolling down my face, I left Spain behind me and moved on to my new destination. It was way too early to leave Europe just yet, so I headed to Berlin in Germany. I was not sure what I was looking for and what type of music I wanted to hear, so my decision was to find something absolutely new to expand my horizons. By browsing the Internet I found out that a techno party is taking place in the neighborhood. I thought to myself, maybe I was not that old yet and I could have some fun there. I put on my fancy outfit to blend in with the crowd and I was ready to go! When I arrived at the party, the first thing I noticed was that it was loud, tons of people were going crazy on the dance floor. No one really cared about the old guy among them, so I could enjoy this totally new experience “in peace”. I understood then what young people saw in this clubbing lifestyle and why they were enjoying it so much! Of course I couldn’t leave without any memento, so I bought a techno vinyl record for your enjoyment (If you think that this is weird, just know that retro is trendy now!), so listen to it in a jukebox! ~A”

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