actum games

We are on AppLab! And we also got some cats and parks!

Big news! Great news!

We recently finished our ”Cat Update” which added a whole new room and new pet (yes You guessed it right, it’s a cat ^_^ ) with which You can do a multitude of new and great activities including playing bowling, having fun with clockwork mice, PLAYING BOWLING (this one is my favorite, to be honest) and many new things that You should just come and see for Yourself.

Besides that, we also added another location which is a beautiful park in which You can relax, enjoy the scenery and play fetch with the dog! 

We also got accepted on Oculus AppLab, so now You can buy and download our game directly from your Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2, no more need for sideloading (yay!).

That’s all from now, we are going back to work because there are still a lot more things that we would love to add to this game so that You can have the best time ever playing it.