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DevBlog 29.06.2021 // Concepts & Music

meow, meow and woof, woof 

Hi! We wanted to share what’s coming in future updates for “Pets VR”. Let’s start with the room for a cat. After an intensive brainstorm we decided what the space is going to look like. The cat is going to have a big, round room with plenty of shelves, hideouts and other attractions. Of course, there also will be a space for minigames that you love so much (velcro balls <3) and many accessories for taking care of the animal.

While brainstorming, we also came up with the idea of a very, very unusual toy. Have you ever heard about the remote control canary? I bet you haven’t! We are going to make this idea come to life and introduce this toy with the new “Cat update”!


Of course, even though the cat is on the way to PetsVR, we are not forgetting about updates for the doggo. We brought new toys – a squishy hot-dog and a rubber bone, so you better prepare earplugs to survive all these squeaky sounds.


Next thing that we want to add very soon is a jukebox! We’ve approached various musicians around the world to satisfy every possible musical taste – k-pop, latino, techno, r&b and many, many more – only to make playing with pets even more enjoyable! Can’t wait to let you vibe to these tracks!

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