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Devblog 24.08.2021 // animation & graphic upgrade

woof, meow It’s time to welcome you to a new devblog! Today we want to share with you our progress on animations and graphics improvement.

With new animations made for the cat, it is now possible for it to play with a ball, scratch a cat tree and smile. (We now also have an animation of a cat annoying Grumpy – this one is my personal favourite!) Watch the video for a closer look! There is still some work to be done but we are definitely getting closer to the release of the Cat Update. meow.

Graphic improvement, that’s a brand new topic. After creating the room for the kitten, we decided that the dog room needs some tweaks to be at the same level. Our artist added some light, upgraded textures and the rest was pure magic. Another colleague even commented on the improvements with “RTX ON!” – whatever he meant, I’m just a simple man taking care of a doggo so I’m not 100% sure what that means.

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Ps: Stay tuned, something big is coming soon!