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DevBlog 15.06.2021 // Cat update

*meow*, *meow* Hi! We wanted to share with you our plans for future updates of “Pets VR”. Our main goal that we are currently working on is to create a new, dedicated room for a cat. New area will offer a lot of activities for you and your kitten. First of all, it will contain all the things you need to take good care of it like shower, food machine, litter box and other that you could already find in a dog room. Since, unlike a dog, a cat is not a big fan of getting cleaned or getting its claws clipped, you better have some snacks close to keep it calm. We are also building a playground where your kitten will spend a lot of time jumping, playing, napping and simply having fun. If we’re already talking about fun, you can play with your cat using a variety of toys. Let’s start with a mechanical mouse. Turn a key attached to the mouse’s body, put the toy on the floor and enjoy the view of a mouse being chased all around the room. Don’t worry, if the toy gets stuck under furniture where your cat won’t be able to reach it –  you will be able to use a magnet to pull it out.


Next toy that we prepared for you to try out is a classic feather teaser. Jumping, chasing and fun guaranteed. Last but not least, among available playthings, you can use fetching ones: fishes, balls and other won’t let the kitty get bored. As in the current version, you will receive points for being a responsible parent and you will be able to exchange them for your cat’s favourite snacks or a variety of costumes. In the new area there will also be a place for another animal roommate, a fish called “Grumpy”. Grumpy loves its peace and quiet, so it’s better not to let your kitten try to invite it to play. It could end up with an argument with a high chance of the calm animal emerging as a winner.


If you have any suggestion on what else should be included in the “Cat update”, let us know, we are open to all your amazing ideas. Don’t forget to follow us on social media, so you don’t miss any future updates coming to “Pets VR”.