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DevBlog 11.08.2021 // Dog behaviour

woof woof  We welcome you to a devblog which, this time, is strictly dedicated to the dog! We know many of you may feel a little disappointed not hearing anything new about the cat (but our doggo has feelings, we can’t just leave it alone…), but we promise to share with you our progress on the cat in the next devblog! So, what’s the story? In the last devblog we showed you a little teaser about a recently developed mechanic – new set of dog behaviours. Now it’s time to tell you more about it! Everytime you start a new game, doggo will receive a randomized value for three statistics:



Eagerness to play.

Brave dogs won’t be afraid of vacuum cleaner, claw clippers or water. Obedient ones will try to do their best with those tasks. Still, you will have to keep them calm during the process – they know that you want to take good care of them, but they are a little afraid. If the last statistic value is high, you won’t be given a chance for a little break… Those doggos will bring you toys, bark at you and beg you with puppy eyes to force you to play with them. Of course, refusing to play with your cute, cute dog is close to impossible, so all we can do is to pray for the best and a small chance to take a break… 😀

Statistics will adapt during a gameplay: brave dogs will become more obedient the more you interact with them, obedient ones will become more brave, but playfulness will never change.

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