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DevBlog 03.08.2021 // what now?

Hi, we are pleased to welcome you to the PetsVR devblog. We hope you enjoyed our last Devlog 🙂 Now let’s move to what we have done recently and what we are planning to do next.

Our guess is that you want to hear more details about the cat. We’ve made a lot of progress on this topic. The room is already built and waiting for a delivery from furniture shop (fancy stuff means delaaaaays). Grumpy is swimming happily in his aquarium (we know that his face doesn’t express it, but you have to trust us on that) and the cat, armed with its new set of animations, is curiously roaming around, checking every corner of the room. We are making big progress every day but there’s still a lot of work ahead of us. We promise we’re getting closer and closer!

And what about a dog and his room? There are two upcoming things that we want to share with you! First of all, we are working on expanding the set of dog behaviours to provide you with a bigger challenge in raising a doggo. Second of all, the jukebox is almost done! We have already received all covers of music albums that will be available to play. And the music is just… so, so gooood. It was money well spent when it comes to our speakers.The minigame, that is also part of the jukebox, is crazy addictive. When you’re playing it, don’t forget that you are still responsible for the dog!

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